PNews 9/17/23

A Place to Not Be Okay

In this week’s article, A Place to Not Be Okay, Rev. Brian Wallace talks about advice he received a few years into his first call: You need a place where you can not be okay so that in the places you need to be okay, you can be okay.
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Upcoming Events

The following events take place at the Presbytery Building, unless noted:

September 16
Session Minutes Reading (9:00am – 12:00pm, by appointment)

September 19
Pastoral Vitality (2:00pm)
Commission on Ministry (4:00 – 7:00pm)

September 20
New Worshiping Communities Commission (8:30 – 10:00am, Zoom)
Administrative Commission for Transformation (1:00 – 3:00pm)
Peacemaking (4:00pm)
CPM Final Discernment Event (4:00pm)

September 21
2024 Budget Presentation (10:00 – 11:30am, Zoom)

September 26
International Partnership (7:00pm)

September 28
Presbytery Meeting (10:00am, Crestfield)

October 12
NextGen (11:30am)

Where is the Staff?

This is where the Presbytery Staff will be worshiping
on Sunday, September 17:

Brian Wallace – Worshiping at Community of Reconciliation
Carla Campbell – Worshiping at Sunset Hills PC and Bethesda PC, Pittsburgh
Louise Rogers – Preaching at Cross Roads PC, Gibsonia
Ralph Lowe – Preaching at Sunset Hills PC

Church Safety Training: Register Now!

An exciting opportunity is coming in October! Presbyterian Disaster Assistance will be coming to Pittsburgh on October 28 at Bethany Presbyterian Church, to lead a course on Church Safety and Security Training. The course is designed for people who are on the front lines of greeting people and interacting with the public, including ushers, greeters, outreach workers, custodians, and pastors. Registration is now open! You can register here.
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2023 Advent Resource Guide

The PC(USA) Store has created an Advent Resource Guide to help you prepare for the upcoming season. There are devotionals and studies for group studies, sermon inspiration, individual study, and more. The guide also includes free digital resources and excerpts from many of the featured books.
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Get College Students Connected

Research has shown that one of the main points where students who are connected to a church and active in faith drop off is transitioning from high school to college. As the school year begins, we are hoping to forge a greater sense of connection between students’ home congregations and campus ministries.
For students attending any of the Oakland-area Universities, we invite you to share their e-mail addresses using this form. This information will only be shared with The Commonwealth of Oakland and Shadyside Presbyterian Church, who are actively involved in campus religious life.
For students attending college further away, we would encourage you to take advantage of the “Refer a Student” function on the UKirk website.
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CPM Final Discernment Event

At the May 2023 Presbytery Meeting, the Commission on Preparation for Ministry proposed a new process for receiving and examining candidates who are certified ready pending call, and this process was adopted by the body. The process stipulates that before a Presbytery meeting, a gathering hosted by the CPM shall be held to examine candidates for ordination. (If you want to review the full proposal and rationale, you can find it here on Pg. 14). In September, two individuals are scheduled to be approved for ordination, pending call.  On Wednesday, September 20th, at 4 p.m., the Commission will host the Final Discernment Event to gather and hear from these individuals. All eligible commissioners are welcome and encouraged to attend; registration is required. A draft agenda is available here, and you can register here.
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