Minutes Reading Yearly Schedule

Minutes Readings

Presbytery Liaison – Carla Campbell, Stated Clerk and Congregational Transition Specialist


2023 Minutes Readings

The Ecclesiastical Committee is once again allowing clerks of session to volunteer to participate in an electronic minutes exchange.  In addition, the Ecclesiastical Committee will hold in-person minutes review by appointment at the presbytery center on the following dates:

Saturday, March 2, 2024
Saturday, April 6, 2024
Saturday, May 4, 2024
Saturday, September 7, 2024
an additional date in October 2024 TBD

Please fill out this online form to register for either in-person or online minutes review.

Information on how volunteer to participate in the electronic minutes exchange program or to make an appointment for in-person review will be sent to churches and clerks of session.  For more information about the electronic minutes exchange, click here. This is for 2023 minutes only.

If you have any questions, contact Jenny Tarrant at jtarrant@pghpresbytery.org or at 412-697-9207.

Instructions for Minutes Readings

Minutes readings are always done for the PREVIOUS year, because the year in which the readings are taking place would be incomplete.  The readings are the for the previous year only.  If a congregation has not had a minutes review done in several years, those other years are considered delinquent and readings for them are unable to be made up.

The appropriate records for the previous year are to be compiled by the clerk/s of session, then please download and complete the following two forms and make TWO COPIES to bring to the readings, along with your relevant documents, books, and registers:

The clerk is not required to be the one attending the minutes readings.  If the clerk is unavailable to attend the readings on any of the scheduled dates, they may elect another current session member or the pastor to bring the minutes to be reviewed in their place.  Please remember that because this is a REQUIREMENT, it is essential to review the scheduled dates and be sure the clerk, or a proxy, is available to attend one of them.