Administrative Commission for Transformation

Administrative Commission for Transformation

Presbytery Staff Liaisons – Rev. Brian Wallace, Associate Minister, Ralph Lowe, Director of Justice Ministries, and Cathy Nelson, Executive Assistant

What We Do
Pittsburgh Presbytery Staff Liaisons
Grants Available

What We Do

The mission of the Administrative Commission for Transformation is to assist churches of the Pittsburgh Presbytery to reach others for Christ, to provide hands-on training and mentorship for future pastors, to encourage congregational partnerships, and to be involved in the mission of Jesus Christ.

Pittsburgh Presbytery Staff Liaisons

North & East Branches – The Rev. Brian Wallace
South & West Branches – Elder Ralph Lowe

ACT Grants Available

ACT Grants Available

ACT Grants Available

ACT Grants Available

COVID Connection & Transition Grant

No Longer Available

At the start of the pandemic, ACT created the Covid Connection and Transition grant as an expedited way to help congregations stay connected to their communities and transition worship and programs to new formats. We have been able to assist 30 churches with funding to connect through live streaming, mailings, VBS kits, digital children’s ministry, and more.

If your church is in the midst of transitioning to new forms of outreach and connection, we still want to partner with you! Please consider applying for an Enhancement Grant. See more details below.

Enhancement Grants

These grants are one-year grants with a maximum of $4,000. Currently, these grants are used to assist congregations seeking to enhance or start a new ministry, program, activity, or process. As the presbytery undertakes a new mission design, the ACT will use the funds to promote cooperative mission and ministry partnerships among churches. Like the mission design, this plan is a work in progress. Money for enhancement grants comes out of the operating budget of Pittsburgh Presbytery.


  • Grants are awarded on a one-year basis and on a 4-to-1 ratio up to $4,000. For example, ACT will grant $4 (up to $4,000 maximum) for every $1 raised by the applicant church; if the church raises $1,000 and is approved, ACT will grant $4,000. 
  • The contributing portion of the congregation may include in-kind support in addition to financial support. Examples of acceptable in-kind support are costs of meals and volunteer hours given by members of the congregation provided in relationship to the proposed project. We encourage congregations to seek support from partners to generate the applicant’s portion.
  • Churches are eligible to receive Enhancement Grants for two consecutive years but must reapply annually.


FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2022
FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2022

Enhancement Grant applications are accepted and reviewed on a quarterly basis. If approved to receive a grant, funds will be paid within 30 days of approval.


  • Completed Enhancement Grant application form
  • Session meeting with a liaison of the Administrative Transformation Commission to discuss the grant proposal
  • Establishment of an ongoing prayer team
  • Completed follow-up report of how the grant was used at the conclusion of the project/initiative

Word version of Enhancement Grant Application for obtaining session approval before submitting online.


Seminary Student Intern Grants

Seminary student interns are granted monthly stipends to work with congregations. This effort is designed to provide hands on ministry training for students, while providing additional resources for congregations, who demonstrate financial need.

-Students do not need to be PCUSA members to apply, but are encouraged to  explore the PCUSA in their internships|

-PCUSA students are encouraged to be under care of a Presbytery

Congregations must:
-Demonstrate financial need
-Demonstrate community and/or church partnerships