Final Discernment Event Agenda

The following is the proposed agenda for the Final Discernment Events, gatherings before a Presbytery meeting to hear from those individuals who have been certified ready pending call.  This agenda remains in draft from until the Commission on Preparation for Ministry meeting on August 28th, 2023.  

  • Opening Prayer, Liturgy, and Establishment of Objectives for the meeting (15 minutes)
    • To demonstrate the qualifications and readiness of the candidates for ministry at this time
    • To prayerfully participate in the final discernment of the call to ministry for these candidates having been previously questioned and approved by CPM
    • To demonstrate the academic, theological, pastoral, and spiritual preparedness of the candidate for ministry in the PCUSA
    • To endorse the reformed orthodoxy of a candidate while also celebrating their unique and creative gifts to the future of the denomination
  • Questioning/Discernment for each candidate (30 min per candidate)
    • Candidate reads statement of faith and provides brief introduction to their sense of call
    • Members of CPM, including care team, come prepared to ask questions of the candidate to set the stage for faithful questioning
    • Moderator is prepared/trained to deter and challenge any questions framed in an attacking manner
    • Floor is open for questions from anyone attending regarding an academic and theological examination of the statement of faith or a spiritual and pastoral examination of readiness for ministry
    • Time closes with a prayer for the candidate’s ministry
  • Meeting closes with prayer for the future of the church