End of the Year Statistical Reports Due!

A friendly reminder that the year-end statistical reports are due Tuesday, February 9, 2021. At this point we have had only 2 churches input their reports and this information is important in calculating your per capita. Please remember that your statistics must be approved by session before the submission deadline, so plan accordingly.

To enter your statistical report, go to http://oga.pcusa.org/section/churchwide-ministries/stats/statistical-reporting-faq/ . There you can also find instructions and answers to FAQ’s. Click on “access the year-end statistics online reporting system” to enter your log in information which was sent to you in December.

If you for some reason are unable to access the internet to input these reports, please contact Adrien Domske at 412-697-9207 as soon as possible to make other arrangements.

Along with the statistical report, it is important that we gather updated information on your clerks and sessions. Please click on the links to fill out the 2021 Church and Clerk Information form and the 2021 Session Information form

Lastly, if you’d like to register for the virtual New Clerk Training on Saturday February 6, 2021, contact Adrien to get on the list.

How do we calculate attendance for 2020?

How will you count your average worship attendance when we haven’t been physically gathering? That is the big question for the 2020 Statistical Reports.

The manager of denominational rolls and statistics at the Office of the General Assembly say that they are aware of what a strange year it has been, and that churches are finding new and creative ways to worship. Because of that, there is no one way to count how many people are attending worship. Each church should account for attendance in a way that feels comfortable to them.

So this year, your attendance calculation is up to you! Your session may like to average in person numbers with the ones that were tuning in to a live stream, or maybe averaging video views each week. Which ever method that works best for your church, and the number you feel best reflects those tuning in each week, is the recommendation this year.

When presenting the statistical information to the session for approval, make sure that your minutes explain how the number was determined for future reference.

What happened to the Clerk’s Annual Questionnaire?

Several clerks have asked about the clerk’s annual questionnaire which they had received in previous years. The Office of the General Assembly has changed their approach in 2020 and will not be sending a single questionnaire to all clerks of session. Instead, they plan to send smaller, targeted questionnaires throughout the year. Some of you may already have received one or will do so in the future. If you have, please take the time to provide the requested information.


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