Beware of Fake Requests from Email Scammers

Over the past few months emails falsely claiming to be from Sheldon Sorge have circulated to some of you. That activity has recently increased, and has expanded to include emails purporting to be from Carla Campbell. Most of these come from Gmail addresses that they do not own, and to which they have no access.

A favorite trick of email scammers is to send out a fake email that seems to come from someone you know and trust. Such emails claiming to be from someone who didn’t send them are called “spoof” emails. The emails may say the person is on a trip and has had their money and documents stolen and asking for help. They may say they are soliciting money or gift cards for a good cause. Most of those claiming to be from Sheldon say he wants to have a discreet conversation about something with you, and asks you to reply to the email.

DO NOT REPLY to a suspicious-looking email.

If you receive a suspicious email claiming to be from someone on presbytery staff, forward it to them, and they will reply quickly to verify whether it is authentic.


1. Never send anything of value in response to any email or text request for money or gift cards.

2. If the person who is supposed to be the sender is truly in trouble or is indeed asking for some sort of assistance, they will make contact by telephone or from their official email account.

3. Let the person know you’ve received the email.

Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused and we appreciate your help in reporting these fake emails.


Pittsburgh Presbytery Staff

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