Justice Corner – 10/29/20

A Periodic Update on the Justice Work of Pittsburgh Presbytery

This month Garfield Community Farm, Plant Five For Life and Beulah Presbyterian Church partnered to plant over 100 trees on the historic Beulah property. Since 2016 the Peacemaking Ministry Team of the Presbytery has been working to equip churches to take action on their properties toward biblically based earth care and climate action. After working for several years to find a non-profit to help us do tree planting and forest restoration we are now ready to plant on church properties.

Plant Five For Life is a Pittsburgh based 501C3 nonprofit focused on planting trees for every child born in the Allegheny County each year. As we know, trees sequester carbon and reduce air pollution. Basically, a healthy forest protects our children’s lungs and hearts through reduced pollution exposure and forests protect the earth from climate change for our grandchildren and all future generations. But we are losing nearly 1000 of trees in Allegheny County every day. Churches and people of faith are awakening to the urgent need to take action for the sake of God’s creation. Beulah Presbyterian Church is the first congregation to take action through our partnership and plant trees for a better tomorrow.

Our first planting was a big one, with over 100 trees finding a home on Beulah’s grounds. This planting could not have happened with our church leadership and dozens of volunteers, children and older adults, partnering together for the sake of our planet and our future. While 100 trees is only a dent in the need for climate action, it is a hopeful sign that people of faith are willing and excited to care for God’s earth!

If you are interested in talking with us about future tree plantings with Plant Five For Life and Garfield Community Farm email Rev. John Creasy at john@pghopendoor.org.

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