Awareness and Transformation: Defining racist and racism

Episode 2: Defining Racist and Racism (June 2020)

  • In this episode, Ralph and Brian dive deep into definitions.  Notably, how do we define two words: Racist and Racism.  They end up talking about “racist” as an identity”, “racism” like it’s a disease, terms like racist, nonracist, anti-racist, and more – and what is the Christian response?

In response to the killing of George Floyd, staff members Ralph Lowe (Director of Justice Ministries) and Brian Wallace (Associate Minister) started a series of conversations entitled Awareness and Transformation: Conversations about Life, Race, and Faith.  You can view the episodes on YouTube and copies of the videos are available for download for use and inclusion in online worship and other church programs.

Disclaimer from Ralph and Brian: “The views expressed in these episodes are our personal views and should not be understood, in any way, to constitute an official position or view of Pittsburgh Presbytery”

Access all the episodes on the Awareness & Transformation page!

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