Next Gen Ministry Team News – October 2023

Next Generation Ministry Team Newsletter
October 2024

In This Issue:

  • Next Gen Lunch NEXT Thursday
  • Better Than AverageTraining
  • Last Call for Next Generation Ministry Leader’s Cohort

Next Gen Lunch NEXT Thursday

Our first next-generation ministry leader’s lunch is next Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at the Presbytery Office.  Everyone – children’s ministry, youth ministry, young adult ministry, college ministry, preschool ministry, as well as pastors who care a lot about any of those forms of ministry – are invited to join for lunch.

The theme for this first lunch will be “Hey Neighbor”. We’ll be spending time in smaller groups of people who are in similar geographical areas as well as similar ministry roles and settings.

As always, there is no cost for lunch, and you can RSVP here:

Next Generation Ministry Leaders Cohort for 2023-24!  Last call!

As part of our ongoing goal to support Next Generation Leaders and foster their development, we are sponsoring a Next Generation Leader’s Cohort that will begin meeting this fall.  This group will meet 9-10 times during the daytime.  The group will focus on personal and vocational growth and ministry skills and competencies.  It will be open to anyone who is in the Next Generation ministry world, including children’s, youth, and/or young adult/college ministry.  The cost for the cohort will be $500 and include monthly work with a 1:1 coach outside the regular meetings.  The facilitators for the cohort will be Rev. Sharon Stewart, Rev. Jason Freyer, and Rev. Brian Wallace.  

  • The group is open to anyone affiliated with Pittsburgh Presbytery, including those who participated in previous cohorts.
  • We’re in the final planning stages, but we still have room for a few more participants.  If you’re interested, please contact Brian directly (
  • Financial assistance is available.

Better Than AverageTraining

Better Than AverageTraining is less than a month away!  If you’re not familiar, our Better Than AverageTraining event seeks to connect leaders to one another and equip them for their roles in ministry with the next generation, whether you’re a veteran full-time staff person or a brand-new volunteer and whether you’re working with preschool or high school, there is something for you and every member of your team.


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