PNews 7/1/21

Deliverance from tyranny is a central theme of salvation. But it’s not just about what we are set free from – it’s also about what we are set free to. God sets us free not to make us independent, but to order our dependence rightly. This Independence Day we would do well to celebrate our dependence as well – absolute dependence upon God and upon one another for all that is good, for all that nourishes and sustains us. In this week’s meditation, In Dependence, Rev. Dr. Sheldon W. Sorge addresses this and more.

What Next? is a creative tool to help ministries and communities of faith re-imagine our programs and life together. This tool will help you identify and discern creative new approaches, new ministries and new ways of being the big C church in a post-pandemic age.

Every week Presbyterian Outlook provides free resources for worship planning! You are welcome to use this liturgy in your online worship services and distribute it to your congregation. It is free for worship use. Please credit Rachel Young and the Presbyterian Outlook.

Follow the Facebook page of the Office of Christian Formation to have access to regular uploads of new resources. The Office of Christian Formation supports formation ministries of congregations and connects leaders in faith communities with resources and practices that inspire fresh ways of thinking about the forming of faith over a person’s lifetime. They carry out the mission priorities of the Presbyterian Mission Agency as set forth by the General Assembly.

As we follow the model of communities and leaders of faith across the ages and foster supportive spaces for grieving, it is important that we intentionally support the children in our community. These documents provide some Biblical resources, information to help you recognize and understand grief in children, and suggestions on supporting grieving children: Supporting Grieving Children, Supporting Grieving Children Amid Loss: Activities for Children, and Supporting Grieving Children Resource Roadmap.

Are you pondering and evaluating how your faith community will move into post-pandemic relationships and programs? This resource provides guided opportunities to brainstorm, reflect, act, and pray about how to re-form into your community’s future using a creative format.

When your church passes the offering plate on Sunday morning – are you limiting your offering to pocket change from those who feel obligated to put something in, but would give more with an online option? Through the Foundation’s Online Giving Program, your church can now accept secure online donations. You can add the donation form to your website to accept gifts by debit or credit card, and electronic funds transfer. Your members can even set up recurring gifts, adding predictability and regularity to your offering receipts.
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