PNews – 12/03/2020

News from Pittsburgh Presbytery

The lectionary for the Second Sunday of Advent includes a remarkable passage from 2 Peter. It likens the coming of the Lord to that of a thief, then switches metaphors to the heavens exploding at the Lord’s return. What do both images tell us about the Lord’s coming? And how do they shape our Advent posture while we wait? In this week’s meditation, By Shout and by Whisper, Rev. Dr. Sheldon W. Sorge answers these questions and more.

Support for Bethesda!
More than fifty people gathered on the chilly morning of November 22 outside Bethesda Presbyterian Church to hold a prayer vigil for the Homewood community, and for Bethesda’s welfare in light of recent attacks by vandals. Presbytery’s Executive Committee allocated funds to purchase security cameras, and other congregations and individuals have stepped up to help with further costs of church repairs and maintenance. Bethesda’s congregation is small in number but mighty in prayer and mission, and any who would like to help support their ministry in one of our county’s neediest communities may do so through the presbytery office or by contacting Bethesda’s Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Jermaine McKinley, at or 412-519-5363. A news story about the event was published here, and you may read Dr. Sorge’s meditation at the vigil, Flight or Fight?

Samaritan Counseling, Guidance, Consulting in Sewickley, PA, is offering weekly, 35-40 minute worship services designed specifically for the challenges pastors face in a changing world.
Pastors rarely have the opportunity to worship in services focusing entirely on their issues. These services offer themes, scripture, prayer, music and sermons formed with pastors in mind, with the hope that pastors will use these services as part of a weekly discipline helping them lead churches in really difficult times.
The worship is led by an expanding team of pastors and church leaders from different denominations whose vocations are devoted to helping pastors and churches engage in healthy ministry and mission.

In an effort for us to understand more about our history and the plight of the indigenous people, Molly Casteel, the Office of the General Assembly’s Manager for Equity and Representation, is providing a number of resources to help councils acknowledge the original inhabitants of the lands where they are living. Take advantage of what she gathered to help educate yourself and others!

Year End Per-Capita Discount Reminder!
If your church has been making per capita payments and plans to take advantage of the 2% discount offered by Pittsburgh Presbytery, please note that the deadline for monthly payments has been extended to January 31, 2021. Quarterly payments, on the other hand, are due in the finance office by December 31, 2020. Any payments received after those dates is not eligible for the discount and should be made payable in the amount of the full per capita balance due. If you have any questions, please contact Roy Burford, Business Administrator (412-323-1406).

Events at Affiliated Organizations

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