A Call to Prayer for the Election

A Call to Prayer for the Election

Amid these unprecedented times, our nation is engaged in one of the hallmarks of our democracy: a Presidential election.  Since 1789, our country has held elections in all manner of circumstances with a dizzying array of outcomes, including unanimous elections (see 1789), hotly contested elections (see 1876), and bizarre elections (see 2000 with the infamous hanging chads).  There is, however, no election in our modern lifetimes like the one that our nation is currently participating in.  Fear, on multiple fronts, is running high as we approach an election day.  I am asking our congregations to be diligent and intentional in praying during this election season.  Specifically, I am asking that we pray for the following.

  • Gratitude to God that we as citizens have the opportunity to cast our vote
  • For peace and safety at our polling places, particularly for the churches of our Presbytery that serve as polling places.
  • For wisdom for our Pastors, most of whom lead churches made up of people who vote differently.
  • For an orderly and fair processing of the election results.
  • For a peaceful continuance or transfer of Presidential power.

As the people of God, we are called to be God’s ambassadors working for the reconciliation of the world.  May, led by the Holy Spirit, be a people committed to prayer in this season of challenge and opportunity.

In Christ,
Rev. Brian Wallace
Associate Minister to Pittsburgh Presbytery

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