CPM News for July/August of 2020

CPM News for July/August of 2020


  • Meet Adrien!
  • CPM Deadlines for Appearing before CPM
  • Ordination Exam Schedule/Reminders
  • Enneagram Assessment Option
  • Sermon Recording Opportunity
  • CPM Staff Contact Information and CPM Webpage

Meet Adrien – After many years of faithful service, Cindy Miller retired at the end of June.  We are incredibly grateful for her years of service in particular in support of CPM and wish her well in retirement.  The role of CPM support has transitioned to Adrien Domske.  Adrien began her service to the Presbytery in March of 2018 as the part-time Assistant to the Stated Clerk and started her full-time role on July 1st.  While assisting with CPM, she will continue her support of the Stated Clerk’s office as well as supporting Ralph Lowe in the Justice Ministries.  Her e-mail is adomske@pghpresbytery.org.

CPM Deadlines – The next meeting of CPM will be Wednesday, September 2nd, at 4:00 pm.  If you are hoping to appear at this meeting for any purpose, you should immediately notify Adrien via e-mail (adomske@pghpresbytery.org).  Please be aware that all required forms and other documents must be received no later August 25th to appear at the September 4th meeting.

Fall Ordination Exam Schedule

Please remember, you are required to get the permission of your care team to take any of the Senior Ordination Exams.

Enneagram Assessment – Brian Wallace, CPM Staff Liaison, recently completed a training and certification to administer enneagram assessments using the iEQ9 assessment.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Enneagram, it’s an ancient personality typing system that explores a person’s core motivation.  It’s value for ministry, in particular, is its ability to help someone understand themselves better and be more self-aware in the relationships both personal and professional.  The iEQ9 is the most extensive and accurate enneagram assessment. It provides incredible depth and insight into various aspects of the Enneagram, including core type, subtype, wings, lines, centers of expression, conflict styles, etc.  As an Inquirer/Candidate under the care of Pittsburgh Presbytery, you are eligible to take the assessment and meet with Brian for a debrief session free of cost.  The assessment itself costs $60, and it’s not unusual for the assessment and debrief process to cost well over $200. The Enneagram Assessment is entirely optional and will have no impact on your ordination process. If you are interested, please contact Brian.

Sermon Recording – In the times of Covid-19, PNCs are relying more and more on audio and video of sermons in their search processes. If you’re certified ready (or hope to be soon) and would like the opportunity to make a video recording of a sermon, please let Brian know. We’ve set the Chapel at Presbytery office up for video recording, and he’d be more than willing to meet you there, set things up for you, and let you record away. He’ll then edit your video and send it to you. If you are interested, please contact Brian.

CPM Staff Contact Information

CPM Webpage

Adrien Domske (Support Staff)

  • adomske@pghpresbytery.org
  • 412-697-9207

Rev. Brian Wallace (Staff Liaison to CPM)

  • bwallace@pghpresbyery.org
  • 412-323-1402


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