Facility Use Guidelines

Facility Use Guidelines

Facility Use Policy
Room Capacities
Application & Conditions
Services of the Pittsburgh Presbytery
Use of Kitchen
Care of Facilities
Facility Use Contributions

Facility Use Policy

The Pittsburgh Presbytery Center is the property of the Pittsburgh Presbytery and is dedicated to the service of God by the Pittsburgh Presbytery and the discipleship of all its member congregations. Organizations within the Presbytery have priority of usage of the facilities. Any congregation may apply to use any of the facilities for its church’s programs providing the space is available. Community organizations are welcome to use the building provided said usage is for community service.

The facilities of the Pittsburgh Presbytery may be made available to Pittsburgh Presbytery affiliated groups and organizations, and non-commercial, non-profit organizations for the civic, cultural and educational activities of the communities which we serve, provided the function is consistent with the ethical and moral tenets of the Pittsburgh Presbytery. These guidelines have been developed so that Pittsburgh Presbytery may minister to the community by making our facilities available to non-profit outside organizations.

The facilities of the Pittsburgh Presbytery will be made available first, without cost, for the work of the Pittsburgh Presbytery and its affiliated organizations. Outside organizations will not be assigned any areas of the facility which are normally scheduled for the Pittsburgh Presbytery meetings or its affiliated groups or activities.

All requests for the use of Pittsburgh Presbytery facilities must be directed to the Pittsburgh Presbytery office and will be reviewed by the Pittsburgh Presbytery staff, who has the authority to grant or deny permission based on these guidelines. Should the Pittsburgh Presbytery staff find it necessary to have any application reviewed further, it will be given to the Property Committee for review. The Property Committee will then grant or deny permission. Applications and requests for any facility use must be received no less than four weeks prior to the requested date of an event. Questions or special interpretations may be referred to the Pittsburgh Presbytery Business Administrator.

Room Capacities

The available rooms in the Presbytery Center have the following maximum occupancy capacities and are dependent on the setup of the room and the seating configuration:

Conference Room A – 8
Chapel – 25

Conference Room B – 16
Patrick Room – 54
Conference rooms A&B – 20

Application and Conditions

  1. Please apply online at the Pittsburgh Presbytery web site or call and request the Facility Use form that is available from the Pittsburgh Presbytery office.
  2. All applications must be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to the function.
  3. After your application has been reviewed, an email will be sent to the person making the request with notification of approval or rejection. Should the application be rejected, your organization will also be given the reason(s) for the rejection should this occur.
  4. A certificate of liability insurance is required from all outside organizations and must be sent to the Pittsburgh Presbytery office prior to full acceptance of the application. No application will be considered approved until and unless we receive a certificate of liability. Please contact your insurance carrier to request hat a certificate of insurance be sent to the Pittsburgh Presbytery office, attention Business Administrator.
  5. Only the rooms, equipment and specified times on the application may be used by the group. Under no circumstances are the visitors permitted on the second floor or in the basement. Groups should enter and exit using the front entrance. You will have access to the front doors for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after your scheduled meeting time.
  6. All outside organizations shall be required to arrange to have a person at the front door to greet your attendees as they arrive.
  7. It is the responsibility of the leader of the group using the facilities to see to it that all lights are turned off before you leave the building.
  8. The outside doors are not to be propped open at any time.
  9. The leader(s) must not allow group members or guests (particularly children) to be left unattended during your use of the building.
  10. If your meeting is cancelled, please notify the Presbytery as soon as possible.
  11. Alcoholic beverages, use of tobacco products, raffles or other unauthorized fund raisers are strictly prohibited! Any outside organization wishing to hold a fundraising activity at the Pittsburgh Presbytery must receive prior approval from the Presbytery before any application for facility use can be approved. Fund raising requests must be submitted in writing to the Business Administrator. Please contact the Pittsburgh Presbytery Business Administrator for further information, 412-323-1400 ext. 322.
  12. Any group of young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an appropriate number of adults who will assume responsibility for the group and Pittsburgh Presbytery facilities.
  13. The Pittsburgh Presbytery reserves the right to cancel any approved application whenever an essential Pittsburgh Presbytery activity, which could not be anticipated, requires a specific room(s), or where it becomes evident that the requesting group has become abusive to the privileges given with the use of the Pittsburgh Presbytery facilities or violates the Facility Utilization and Guidelines Agreement.

Services of the Pittsburgh Presbytery

Our Staff will have the requested room(s) available as required at the scheduled time. The setup and cleanup of the assigned room(s) is the responsibility of your organization. Please use a Room Set-up Form to indicate any special setup requirements.

  1. If it becomes necessary to change the position of furniture in the meeting room(s), the furniture must be returned to the same arrangement as found.
  2. Thermostats will be scheduled to heat or cool as necessary during your scheduled meeting or event. You cannot adjust the thermostats manually. If it becomes necessary to adjust any thermostats, you must contact the business office to make that request. Personal property may be stored at the owner’s risk and only with the permission of the Pittsburgh Presbytery staff.
  3. The organization using the space is responsible for disposing of any trash and garbage. Any beverage spills must be reported to us as soon as possible.
  4. Groups must vacate the Pittsburgh Presbytery by 10:00 p.m. unless special arrangements have been made.
  5. Signs, posters, decorations or displays are permitted only with the permission of the Business Administrator and must be removed at the close of the event. Only approved hanging materials may be used. No tape other than painters’ tape is permitted.
  6. It is the responsibility of your group to clean up the assigned room(s), including disposing of trash in the proper waste receptacles. At the group’s request, the Presbytery can plan for janitorial service after your event. The cost of janitorial services is listed in the Contribution Schedule located at the end of this document. Should you fail to adequately clean the assigned room(s), you will be billed for the cleaning at the rate of $25 per hour.
  7. Your group will be held responsible for costs to repair, or replace, any equipment or damage to our facilities while under your use. The Presbytery must be contacted about any damage immediately.

Use of Kitchen

  1. If your organization has been approved for use of the kitchen, your organization will normally be allowed to use the kitchen for the storing and serving of food only. The kitchen is designated as a warming kitchen and is not intended for food preparation.
  2. Supplies – All groups are responsible for bringing their own supplies such as coffee, paper plates & cups, plastic utensils, etc. Under no circumstances will any group or organization be permitted to use any Pittsburgh Presbytery supplies, dinner plates or other dinner ware, serving dishes, etc.
  3. Everyone may make use of serving spoons, etc. and therefore will be responsible for the proper cleaning and drying of any serving utensils that are used.
  4. Groups and organizations will be responsible for cleaning the kitchen, if used. Failure to clean up after use will a cleaning charge of $50 and may result in the inability to schedule future events at our facility.

Care of Facilities

  1. All organizations will be held liable for any damage to the building, furniture and equipment while being used by the scheduled organization.
  2. The Pittsburgh Presbytery staff has the authority to expel any individual or group who is abusing the privileges granted to them by the Pittsburgh Presbytery.
  3. Posters, decorations and any other displays may be permitted only with prior permission. All posters, decorations and any other displays must be completely removed at the close of the event. Please review “Services of Pittsburgh Presbytery” above.

Facility Use Contributions

The Presbytery does not make a profit on groups using the facility; however, there are circumstances where groups are asked to reimburse the Pittsburgh Presbytery for all direct expenses associated with the use of the building.

  1. Contributions are requested and encouraged from all non-affiliated, outside organizations.
  2. All contributions for the use of the facilities are to be forwarded to the Pittsburgh Presbytery Administrator no later than 14 days prior to the event. Failure to forward the requested contribution may result in forfeiture of the scheduled space. Checks are to be made payable to the Pittsburgh Presbytery.
  3. Contributions made by groups who reserve space and fail to appear without prior notice of cancellation are not refundable.
  4. Organizations requesting multiple rooms, occupation of facilities for periods exceeding one day, or events involving groups exceeding 100 people will be reviewed separately and an appropriate contribution will be suggested.
  5. Pittsburgh Presbytery has established a schedule of contributions which are used to offset the costs of our utilities and custodial services. These contributions are kept at a minimum wherever possible and do not reflect a rental of our facility. The Contribution Schedule may be changed at any time by the Presbytery and the new Contribution Schedule will be applied to all new requests as they are made. Requests submitted prior to any Contribution Schedule change will be collected at the prior Contribution Schedule.

Contribution Schedule

Conference Room A – $20
Conference Room B – $25
Conference Rooms A&B – $50
Chapel – $50
Patrick Room – $100
Custodial Services – $25 per room, per hour