Suggestions for CPM Investigative Team

Suggestions for CPM Investigative Team

Revised 7/2/2013

An Administrative Team for Investigations (ATI) will be appointed ad hoc by the CPM in January of each year. The ATI will be a standing committee consisting of three members (at least one of which will be a minister and one elder). The subcommittee should reflect diversity in gender and race and will be divided into three classes which will encourage continuity and a certain expertise through training and experience.

Allegations of inappropriate conduct should be passed to the CPM chair. These allegations may come from the Care Team or from other sources. The CPM chair, in consultation with the vice chair and the presbytery staff resource person, will convene the ATI if the allegations warrant such action. The person under care will be informed of the allegations. The CPM chair may decide that a new Care Team is needed.

The Care Team will support the person under care and will suspend judgment with regard to the allegations under investigation.

The ATI will receive testimony and collect appropriate information regarding the allegations. Though the ATI is not to conduct a formal legal investigation, the Rules of Discipline should be consulted for appropriate guidance. The person under care will be given the opportunity to testify before the ATI. The persons and reputations of all involved will be protected and treated with great care.

If the allegations prove to be untrue, all parties involved will be informed. If the allegations prove to be true, the ATI will make a recommendation to the CPM regarding the continuing status of the individual under care.

If it is determined by the CPM that the individual is not to continue under its care:

  1. The individual’s pastor and session will be advised of the action and the rationale of the committee.
  2. The individual’s pastor and session will be encouraged to continue their supportive ministry to the individual.
  3. If additional supportive ministry is required, appropriate counseling arrangements shall be made. The CPM may provide assistance through the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute (or another counseling agency) as well as partial funding, if necessary and available.