Saul Estate Scholarship Fund

The Saul Estate Scholarship Fund

The Saul Estate Scholarship Fund is administered by the Commission on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) and has the privilege of nominating recipients as follows:

The testators, John H. and Edith M. Saul, specified the income derived from the trust should be used to defray tuition costs for persons who are under care of Pittsburgh Presbytery and enrolled as undergraduate students at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary with preference being given to members of the East Liberty Presbyterian Church. This has since been modified by the court on joint petition of the bank and Pittsburgh Presbytery, to allow any excess funds remaining at the end of a calendar year to be applied to room, board, and books for the student recipients.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Each fall, the Office of Student Aid at the seminary sends to CPM at the office of Pittsburgh Presbytery a list of students believed to be eligible who demonstrate a need in accordance with the financial aid policy of the seminary.
  • This list is checked to insure each name is that of a student under care of Pittsburgh Presbytery.
  • The available amount is then equally divided among the eligible students.
  • This list is approved by CPM and is reported to the presbytery.
  • These grants are never paid directly to the students, but are credited to their accounts by the seminary business office.