Approved Career Development Centers

Approved Career Development Centers

(As of 9/19/2014)
Pittsburgh Presbytery has a policy which requires all Inquirers of Pittsburgh Presbytery to participate in a Career Development Center program. This is done during the first six months a person is an Inquirer.

This program consists basically of two parts: a battery of tests which the Inquirer will complete and a session of counseling based upon the tests. The Counselor and Inquirer write up a report of the experience. The Inquirer signs a release which permits this report to be sent to the Commission on Preparation for Ministry of Pittsburgh Presbytery. The aim of the program is to help the Inquirer assess strengths and weaknesses and to indicate steps by which the Inquirer may gain the most benefit from his/her Seminary experience. The purpose of sending a report to the Commission on Preparation for Ministry is to aid the Commission in its “gatekeeping” function and to provide information useful in providing maximum support to the Inquirer/Candidate during the years of preparation.

The Inquirer is responsible for making contact with the center selected, for completing the program, for signing the release, and for making financial settlement for the service. Presbytery’s action specified that Presbytery would pay 40% of the cost, the church to which the Inquirer belongs would pay 40%, and the Inquirer would pay 20%. The cost at each center is approximately $800-$1,100.

The most frequently used centers are:


Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute – INACTIVE

Midwest Ministry Development Service

Center for Career Development and Ministry

Pastoral Institute (Georgia)