Service of Ordination & Installation for Candidates Called to Installed Pastoral Positions

Pittsburgh Presbytery Service of Ordination & Installation For Candidates Called to Installed Pastoral Positions Who are being Ordained and Installed in the place of their Call

The Gathering

Presentation of Candidate – Moderator of the Presbytery or designee
Call to Worship
Opening Prayer
Confession and Pardon
The Peace of Christ

The Word

Prayer for Illumination
First Reading
Second Reading
Hymn or Anthem (optional)
Gospel Reading

The Service of Ordination & Installation

Sentences of Scripture or Litany of Gifts – Presbytery Moderator or designee
Statement on Ordination – Presbytery Moderator
Presentation of Candidate – Member of Commission
Profession of Faith – Presbytery Moderator
Anointing with oil (optional)
Constitutional Questions to the Candidate – Presbytery Moderator
Constitutional Questions to the Congregation – a Ruling Elder of the congregation
Prayer of Ordination – Presbytery Moderator
Declaration of Ordination and Installation – Presbytery Moderator
Welcome by Members of Presbytery
Charge to the Newly Ordained and Installed Pastor
Charge to the Congregation
Presentation of Symbols of Ministry

Option A:
Responding to the Word (with the Eucharist)

Invitation to the Lord’s Table
Great Thanksgiving and the Lord’s Prayer
Words of Institution/Breaking of the Bread
Communion of the People
Prayer after Communion

Option B:
Responding to the Word (without the Eucharist)

Prayer of Thanksgiving and the Lord’s Prayer
The Sending
Charge – a deacon, if available
Blessing – newly Ordained and Installed Pastor/Associate Pastor


The full service of Ordination including texts is found in the Book of Common Worship (2018), pages 461-478. The outline of the service, including Constitutional questions, is found in the Book of Order (W4.04)

The Service of Ordination of a Minister of Word and Sacrament is conducted by Pittsburgh
Presbytery, and takes place as guided by the Book of Order, W-4.0402: “The ordination and/or installation of a minister of the Word and Sacrament shall take place at a time that enables substantial participation of the presbytery.”

*Offerings at Services of Ordination are designated for the Oldman Fund (a scholarship fund for
Inquirers/Candidates of Pittsburgh Presbytery). After the offering has been counted, a check may
be sent to the Pittsburgh Presbytery for the same amount.