Pastoral Call Form Guidelines

Pastoral Call Form Guidelines

The Call Form is to be filled out, signed at the congregational meeting at which the call is approved, and returned to Cathy Nelson at Pittsburgh Presbytery, 901 Allegheny Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15233.

The title of the office is Pastor, Co-pastor, or Associate Pastor, not “minister of youth” or “senior pastor”. The agreed upon starting date is the effective date of the call.

For minimum effective salary (salary, housing, social security offset, and deferred compensation) refer to the Minimum Terms of Call 2022.

SECA Offset of 7.65% is the amount required as part of the Minimum Terms of Call.

Automobile allowance, expense allowance, and book allowance ought to be reimbursed by voucher to avoid making the amounts taxable. Reimbursement rate and maximum amount of reimbursement should be indicated.

On the line for medical expenses, write “2% Medical Deductible” instead of indicating an actual dollar amount.

Moving costs are generally indicated as “full.”

Study Leave Allowance should be the amount agreed upon for one year, minimum required annually is $2,000, although the allowance may be accumulated for up to three years.

Other is for anything not included above; such as deferred compensation, if provided, may be included here.

There is no need to write the dollar amount of dues for the Benefits Plan. The dues are calculated on the effective salary, which includes salary, housing, and deferred compensation. If a manse is provided, it should be valued at an amount equivalent to 30% of the total of salary, deferred compensation, and social security offset for calculation of Benefits Plan dues.

The Benefits Plan dues rate for 2021 is 39% [Medical 29% , Pension 8.5 %, Death & Disability 1 %, Temporary Disability 0.5%].

The minimum vacation time is four weeks (including 4 Sundays). At least two weeks study leave must be allowed, which is cumulative to six weeks in negotiation with the Session.

The date of the congregational meeting should be entered on the line which begins “in testimony whereof we have subscribed our names….” Three or four signatures of people authorized at the meeting to sign on behalf of the congregation should be included in the space below. They may include the Chair of the PNC, Clerk of Session, and President of the corporation.

The name of the pastor/candidate and the name of the church should be entered in the last paragraph, and the moderator of the congregational meeting should sign the Call form on the front. The pastor/candidate signs Section C, Acceptance of the Call on the back. This is sent to the Presbytery {Attention: Cathy Nelson/COM) for the signature of the Chair of the Commission on Ministry and then given to the Stated Clerk who will sign after the Presbytery meeting and return copies to the church and candidate or send to the candidate’s presbytery.