Medical Leave Guidelines

COM Medical Leave Guidelines

All sessions are encouraged to develop personnel policies appropriate for their own staffing situations. These guidelines are offered by the Commission on Ministry to provide guidance in that process. They are not intended to suggest required terms.

Sick Leave

Teaching Elders will receive 10 working days of sick leave each calendar year, cumulative up to 120 days, to be used in case of illness. Sick leave entitlement during the first year of service will be prorated according to length of service. At the time of termination of call (either voluntary or involuntary) a Teaching Elder shall have no claim for pay in lieu of unused sick leave.

Medically Certified Disability Leave (short term or long term)

Teaching Elders who are, according to certification by a licensed physician, temporarily disabled and who are not covered by a disability plan, shall receive full salary and benefits for a period of such disability not to exceed 90 days, at which time if disability continues, application may be made for disability benefits from the Board of Pensions for members of the Pension Plan. This policy shall apply to all medically certified disabilities, including pregnancy-related disability.

Leaves of Absence with Pay

  • Regular training period in the U.S. Armed Forces (up to two weeks annually).
  • Jury duty (up to two weeks annually).
  • Marriage of the teaching elder (up to three days).
  • Personal and family emergencies or other personal business that cannot be cared for outside working hours (up to three days annually).
  • Death in the immediate family (husband, wife, parent, parent-in-law, child, brother, sister,
    grandparent) (up to four days for each situation).