Non Clergy Positions

Non Clergy

To SUBMIT an opening for posting, please email the job description including contact information.

NOTE: Postings will automatically be removed after SIX months. If an opening extends beyond the specified time frame, please make this known prior to the expiration date.

Non-Clergy Positions

FULL-TIME Worship and Outreach Coordinator
Bethel Presbyterian Church, Bethel Park
Posted 11/2/21

PART-TIME Communications and Office Manager
Community House Church
Riverview Presbyterian Church
Posted 4/25/22

FULL-TIME Director of Faith Formation
Community Presbyterian Church of Ben Avon
Posted 2/1/22

PART-TIME Financial Administrator
Community Presbyterian Church of Ben Avon
Posted 1/26/22

PART-TIME Nursery Staff
Community Presbyterian Church of Ben Avon

Posted 10/29/21

PART-TIME Nursery Caregiver
Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, Monroeville
Posted 3/7/22

PART-TIME Coordinator Young Adult Youth Programs
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
Posted 10/21/21

PART-TIME Nursery Coordinator
Eastminster Presbyterian Church
Posted 5/3/22

PART-TIME Piano and Guitar Teachers
Eastminster Presbyterian Church
Posted 3/15/22

FULL-TIME Director Children and Family Ministries
Elfinwild Presbyterian Church
Posted 2/22/22

PART-TIME Custodian
First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh
Posted 12/10/21

PART-TIME Contemporary  Worship Band Leader
Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church
PostingUpdated 5/13/22

PART-TIME Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper
Friendship Community Church
Posted 5/10/22

PART-TIME Audio & Video Coordinator for Livestreaming
Glenshaw Presbyterian Church
Posted 4/25/22

PART-TIME Custodian
Hampton United Presbyterian Church
Posted 7/12/21

PART-TIME Office Manager
Hebron Presbyterian Church
Posted 4/8/22

FULL-TIME Director of Christian Formation
Hiland Presbyterian Church
Posted 12/2/21

PART-TIME Director of Music Ministries
Hiland Presbyterian Church
Posted 11/4/21

PART-TIME Secretary/Bookkeeper
Hillcrest United Presbyterian Church
Posted 12/22/21

PART-TIME Accompanist
Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church
Posted 1/12/22

PART-TIME Director of Christian Formation
The Presbyterian Church of Plum Creek
Posted 10/11/21

PART-TIME Office Manager
Sampson’s Mills Presbyterian Church
Posted 12/7/21

PART-TIME Director of Christian Education
Sewickley Presbyterian Church
Posted 2/24/22

PART-TIME Worship Leader/Music Minister
Sharon Community Presbyterian Church
Posted 8/2/21

PART-TIME Director of Music
Sixth Presbyterian Church
Posted 10/21/21

PART-TIME Assistant Coordinator of Nursery & Children’s Ministries
Third Presbyterian Church
Posted 10/7/21

PART-TIME Childcare Supervisor
Waverly Presbyterian Church
Posted 1/8/22

PART-TIME Director of Children and Youth
Waverly Presbyterian Church
Posted 3/9/22

Full-Time Director of Finance and Operations
Westminster Presbyterian Church

PART-TIME Children Youth Ministry Director
Wexford Community Presbyterian Church
Posting Updated 2/27/22