Deadlines & Instructions

Deadlines & Instructions

Docket Time & Term Limit Waiver Requests
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2022 Request Deadlines for Presbytery Meeting Docket Times & Waivers

Click here to download the waiver request form.  Docket time requests can be made via email.

All requests are due to the Ecclesiastical Committee via the Stated Clerk’s Office (email/412-323-1405), including waivers of the six-year limitation on terms for elder and deacons, no later than noon on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, January 26 for the February 24, 2022 presbytery meeting
  • Wednesday, April 12 for the May 19, 2022 presbytery meeting
  • Wednesday, August 24 for the September 22, 2022 presbytery meeting
  • Wednesday, November 2 for the December 8, 2022 presbytery meeting

IMPORTANT NOTE: If action by the Presbytery is being requested, the full text of the motion and any accompanying documents (reports, rationale, etc.) must be submitted at this time as well.