Small Church Leadership Development Grants

Small Church Leadership Development Grants


· Scholarships will be granted on a first come, first serve basis with priority being given to new applicants.  Only churches with less than 100 people in worship are eligible.
· Grants will cover any costs involved to attend an event up to $500/person/event/year with a maximum granted of up to $1,000 per congregation per year.
· Please complete and submit the online Small Church Leadership Development Fund application form.


The fund is designed to enable members of churches with less than 100 in worship through intentional leadership development:
· To grow in commitment to Jesus Christ
· To celebrate who and whose we are as people of God in small congregations
· To gain a renewed understanding and appreciation of our Presbyterian tradition
· To develop congregational life


· To encourage qualifying congregations to identify their potential and future leaders
· To encourage the development of faithful and effective clergy and lay leadership in qualifying congregations
· To enable qualifying congregations to use denominationally approved materials by exposure to resources in the following areas: Worship, Christian Education, Stewardship, Evangelism, and Mission
· To prepare leaders of qualifying congregations for the specific tasks of leadership to which they have been or might be called