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Attend "Table Talk" with Sheldon Sorge, Pastor to Presbytery!

Dear Pastors in Pittsburgh Presbytery,

Last spring we scheduled a series of “Meet the Pastor to Presbytery” lunches.  Because of their success in generating meaningful conversations, we have planned another regional luncheon meeting series, “Table Talk.” The purpose of these sessions is to strengthen our collegial friendship as pastoral leaders and to afford a place to engage theological conversation around questions that you bring to the table.  Among other things, you may wish to speak to matters raised by Sheldon in his weekly letter to the presbyter. You are warmly invited to attend one of the seven events scheduled.

Each event will be held from 12:00 – 1:30 PM; lunch will be served and you will have time to talk with Sheldon Sorge, our Pastor to Presbytery, and your fellow pastors.

Event dates are:

Please let us know which event you will attend by emailing Cathy Nelson or by calling her at 412-323-1400 X 315.