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The Rev. Dr. Sheldon W. Sorge New Pastor to Presbytery!

At the presbytery meeting on December 3, the Rev. Dr. Sheldon W. Sorge was called as the new Pastor to Presbytery. Following is a letter from the nominating committee and a link to a brochure of introduction.

Dear Colleagues in Ministry,

On June 5, 2008, a group of rather weary and wary presbyters gathered in one of the meeting rooms of the East Liberty Presbyterian Church.  Elder Carol Hunley, the chair of Presbytery Council, called us to order and gave us the charge to become a committee that would somehow discern God’s guidance in Presbytery’s search for a new Pastor to Presbytery.  In the intervening months, amazing things have happened.

Our group has grown to love each other in ways that we could not have expected eighteen months ago.  We have sat under scripture and prayed together.  We have been blessed by having the opportunity to meet, interview, pray with, and wonder with some of the brightest lights in the church of Jesus Christ.  This has not been an easy task, but as we arrive at this juncture, we are hopeful for these and other reasons:

  1. Candidates and references alike have indicated that there is a great sense of hope for Pittsburgh Presbytery and our role in the larger church
  2. Our Presbytery is full of remarkable people who have offered advice and encouragement
  3. God is at work in and through the multitude of staff members and other presbyters who have really given their all during a long season of transition
  4. We have stood at the intersection of the Presbytery’s needs and the candidates that God has sent us
  5. Outstanding leaders in the church have joined us in seeking God’s direction for their lives and the life of the Presbytery.

Rev. Dr. Sheldon W. SorgeIt is our great joy to present to Presbytery for consideration at the December 3, 2009 meeting the Rev. Dr. Sheldon W. Sorge as candidate for the office of Pastor to Presbytery.  The accompanying brochure will introduce you to Sheldon and provide interesting background information.  The purpose of this letter is to share our profound gratitude to the Presbytery for entrusting us with this mission.  We have learned a great deal about the church, the Presbytery, and ourselves, and we believe you will discover that Sheldon has been blessed by the Lord to embrace this role of leadership in our presbytery.  There will be many challenges before him, and we pledge ourselves to walk with him as a committee of nurture for the next year.

This is a time for celebration!  The Lord has blessed us with a convergence of our need and God’s gifts.  Advent is here, friends.  It is time to look ahead to new seasons of growth and fruitfulness.

Yours in Christ,
The Pastor to Presbytery Nominating Committee
Rev. David Carver, Elder Mary Evans, Elder Gary Gallo, Elder Frank Hancock, Rev. Jean Henderson, Rev. Ted Martin, Elder Cathy Nelson, Rev. Carol Divens Roth, Rev. De Neice Welch