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New Presbyterian Hymnal Project

The Presbyterian Publishing Corporation, in consultation with the Presbyterian Association of Musicians and the Office of Theology and Worship, is currently accepting applications for the new Hymnal Committee. Persons with a deep love for the song of the church, who can think theologically about music and musically about theology, who have experience in worship planning and leadership, who are able to work collegially, and who are able to make a commitment to attend all meetings of the Hymnal Committee are encouraged to apply. Candidates under the age of twenty-five are encouraged to apply.

All application forms and completed reference forms must be received by PPC before July 11, 2008. The Hymnal Committee will be named by August 15, 2008, and the first meeting of the Hymnal Committee is scheduled for September 22 and 23, 2008, in Louisville. The
Hymnal Committee is expected to meet four times each year over the next four or five years.

Please mail your completed form to Hymnal Editor David Eicher at Presbyterian Publishing
Corporation, 100 Witherspoon Street, Room 2001, Louisville, Kentucky 40202-1396; e-mail
it to deicher@presbypub.com; or fax it to 502-569-5113.

The committee information sheet, the Hymnal FAQ, the application form, and the reference form can be viewed at their website or downloaded from the links below: