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Mission Statements of the Justice Ministry Teams

Amos 5:24
To lead Pittsburgh Presbytery in understanding the effects of racism, repenting of its complicity in that sin, and doing the redemptive work of Christ to bring reconciliation and justice to our community.

Hunger Ministry Team
We are enjoined by Jesus to care for the needy and feed the hungry.  In response, we have come together to represent the Presbytery as we address the needs of hungry people. We seek to be informed as to hunger issues in the Allegheny County Community. We seek to inform and communicate to the Presbytery and its member congregations and individuals on hunger issues. We seek to address the hunger issues of the Community by distributing funds made available to our stewardship. We seek to be a catalyst in Presbytery to lead the Presbytery and its member congregations and individuals to address hunger issues in the community.

Lazarus Fund
To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through words and deeds by providing financial assistance to families of Allegheny County for rent, security deposits and utilities, enabling them to overcome to overcome their economic difficulties through the grace and love of Jesus Christ as demonstrated through the giving of individuals and congregations of the Pittsburgh Presbytery.

National Black Presbyterian Caucus, Pittsburgh Chapter
To combat racism and injustice and to achieve full participation of its members in the total Church and society, most importantly through emphasis on the spiritual growth of individual members  and promoting growth and strengthening of Black Presbyterian membership in our denomination.  We shall continually focus on concerns stemming from Black religious, cultural, political and economic traditions; and, we shall speak and act on those issues that adversely affect the lives of people of African descent.

Peacemaking Ministry Team
To promote the peaceable kingdom of God on earth  through acting on advocacy issues; through recruiting clergy, congregations and community leaders to espouse and advocate peace and peaceful ways of resolving conflict; by promoting global citizenship and  governance, by bringing people together in discussion across divides of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation and national origin, to create a climate of dialogue and relationship-building; and by making available resources to inform, equip and engage people of faith and goodwill in a culture of peace through spiritual practice and intentional daily living.

Presbyterian Health, Education & Welfare Association (PHEWA)
To provide resources for Presbyterians involved in social welfare and justice ministries.  PHEWA also tries to make the church more responsive to the needs of the excluded and the suffering.  Ten networks (for advocacy) are organized under PHEWA.

Presbyterian Men
To encourage men of the church to grow spiritually and to contribute to the life of the church.  Contributions of Presbyterian Men may take many forms such as empowering programs and projects already in place or stimulating new programs and projects in keeping with the governance of the church.

Presbyterian Women
Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study; to support the mission of the church worldwide; to work for justice and peace; and to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (USA) and witnesses to the promise of God's Kingdom.

Self–Development of People (SDOP)
To assist grass root group in identifying their direction and vision; then, with God’s help, to develop projects that will be beneficial to both them and the community.

Task Force on Ministry with Sexual Minorities
As followers of Christ, convinced by Scripture, we proclaim that God’s love embraces all people, and bestows upon us good gifts for all forms of ministry.  As the Church Reformed, always reforming, we commit ourselves to renew the outreach, inclusiveness and opportunities to serve to which God directs the community of faith.  As a task force of Pittsburgh Presbytery’s Racial, Social Justice and Reconciliation Ministry Team, emboldened by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves actively to work for justice for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in the church and the greater Pittsburgh community.