The Pittsburgh Chapter
of the
National Black Presbyterian Caucus
Mission Statement
The Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Black Presbyterian Caucus arrives to bring about justice, reconciliation and liberation of our people within the Presbyterian Church and our communities.
We stand on the shoulders of our forebears born in Africa who were brought to these shores by brutal force against their wills.

Today we are a Prophetic Witness continuing to work intensivley and intentionally at creating and maintaining a high degree of visibility.

This has been achieved by the formation of the Coleman/Patrick Scholarship Fund, named for two untiring warriors, Mr. Robert Coleman and The Rev. Dr. Leroy Patrick. Mr. Coleman served as the director of the Department of Church Community for the Synod of the Trinity for eleven years. Dr. Patrick who served as pastor of Bethesda Presbyterian Church for thirty-five years was instrumental in abolishing the segregated rules for Pittsburgh swimming pools, as well as addessing issues within the larger church.

An outgrowth of the Caucus, the Henry Highland Garnet Society was formed in 1999 to honor the first pastor of Grace Memorial Presbyterian Church. Henry Highland Garnet, born a slave, was a well educated abolitionist and an active member of the Underground Railroad in New York and Philadelphia. The Garnet Society has recognized several outstanding Pittsburgh citizens who have exemplified the life of Henry Highland Garnet.

In 2003 the City of Pittsburgh and the State of Pennsylvania proclaimed Sunday, February 16th as Henry Highland Garnet day. Also, portions of Iowa Street and Ewart Drive were renamed Henry Highland Garnet Boulevard.

We continually rely on the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Johnnie Monroe, Pastor Emeritus Grace          Memorial Presbyterian Church and the Rev. Dr. Ronald E. Peters, Theologian in Residence, Grace Memorial Presbyterian Church.